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Security Cameras in Nursing Homes – Useful or Wasteful?

To install or not to install?

This question is at the forefront of debates concerning the management of nursing homes. At present, the issue of whether or not to put security cameras in nursing homes and where these should be placed is extremely controversial and is far from resolved.

Merits of Installing Security Cameras in Nursing Homes

The most important argument in favor of security cameras is their deterrent value against abuse and substandard care. These security cameras have been given the moniker “granny cams” and are said to be a positive step in reducing the potential for elderly abuse. Experts believe that granny cameras could singlehandedly restore public confidence in nursing homes because they give family members instant access to recently stored footage. They can, thus, closely monitor the well-being of their parents or grandparents.

Security cameras retail for at least $630 and may go up as high as $1,590. On top of this, there is a $20 monthly fee for accessing the server and another $10 monthly to upload images via a data-only line.

Drawbacks of Installing Security Cameras in Nursing Homes

Not surprisingly, the strongest opposition to the use of granny cams comes from the industry itself. Nursing-home operators and staff consider video surveillance a needless invasion of privacy. They fear that security cameras would make it so much harder to retain good staff and attract new ones. Moreover, they believe that use of security cameras will compromise a patient’s dignity, particularly when bathroom and bathing activities are filmed and then reviewed by security. Another argument used is the additional expense. After all, a nursing home would need not just one, but several, security cameras distributed in strategic places throughout the nursing home.

The Debate Continues

While not trifling, however, the costs of purchasing the equipment and the installation expense are comparable to the cost of updating housekeeping, food, or recreation services. This means that the purchase and installation of security cameras should be treated as necessary an overhead cost as staff salaries, for example.

Additionally, experts believe that security cameras help nursing home operators minimize their legal responsibility should an employee or a nursing home resident be found guilty of abusive behavior. By having digitally captured evidence on hand, nursing home owners can thereby reduce unnecessary and groundless litigation.

At present, a dozen state legislatures are actively considering passing the granny-cam legislation. Existing laws mandate that an operator must inform the staff ahead of time of the presence of cameras and their respective placements. Otherwise, video surveillance may be considered illegal. There are no law expressly prohibit the use of security cameras. What prevents their wide use, however, are practical barriers in the form of pricing and vehement opposition from the nursing-home industry.

So, to install or not to install security cameras?

Nursing-home operators vehemently answer “no” while experts openly advocate their mandatory use. If you are a nursing-home owner, the added institutional cost would mostly likely make you cringe. If you are one of the many in search of a nursing home for a loved one, your answer to this question should dictate your choice of nursing homes. However, do not make it your only consideration. Check the facility’s history of deficiencies and citations from formal regulatory inspections.

It will be very difficult for this controversy to be resolved speedily because it is an issue that hits too close to home. It simply is not possible to put a price on safety, or negotiate dignity.

Source by Nahshon Roberts

The Children’s Hour and Your CCTV Camera – Red Flags

What to Watch Out For

These days you never know what can happen to your kids when you are away at work or on a business trip. So it pays to be better informed and alert to some suspicious changes in the home or the behavior of a child. Thus, it is not enough that your CCTV camera just captures the daily rituals of sleeping, eating, and playing. You should be on guard for child abuse or neglect.

Caregivers are wiser now with home surveillance recording their every move. They simply stay away from the reach of an inquisitive CCTV camera, so that leaves you guessing about the nanny and if the children are all right.

In most cases, parents place their hidden cameras in the most obvious places, the bedroom and living room. Adding a CCTV camera in the basement, closets, and the garage provides you more home surveillance to aid in monitoring activities in all parts of the house. You never know what might happen in dark nooks and crannies when you are away from home.

Signs to Watch Out For

Do not be smug because you have hidden cameras in the child’s bedroom or playroom; you should have a CCTV camera in the garage, kitchen, basement, front door, and all exits. If possible, a spy camera directed at the family TV should be mounted accurately to monitor what the nanny or relative is watching with the kids.

Some of the warning signs of child abuse may go on unnoticed if you are not aware of the signs. At the very first sign, rush back home and do a thorough investigation and save the child from further physical and verbal abuse or neglect.

* Is the nanny or caregiver always out of camera range except for the regular rituals?

* Are the kids sloppily dressed or dirty?

* Is the child is uncomfortable when the caregiver is near him or her?

* Are the kids unusually silent when in the company of the caregiver even if you are not around?

* Are the kids foraging the fridge when the nanny or caregiver is asleep?

* Are they hysterical about undressing before others?

Optimizing CCTV Cameras for Your Child’s Protection

Your CCTV camera has evolved since last invented. These are similar to the exposed surveillance cameras used in banks and malls. Once set up and hooked to your CCTV. The camera starts capturing video images that are instantly seen on your PC or TV screen or your hand-held CCTV.

To get the best results from your CCTV camera, choose both wired and wireless models. The wireless types of CCTV cameras can be placed in the most unlikely places but be sure that these can pan, tilt, and zoom, and have night vision for dark areas in the house.

Think like the bad guy who is CCTV camera shy when you install your hidden camera. The camera’s view should not be obstructed by furniture, appliance, and other household items and always check that things are arranged the way you want it to have a good view of everything on the computer or TV screen.

Source by Nahshon Roberts

Need a CCTV System

This article helps you to specify a CCTV system; the intended audience for this guide being either an installing company or an end user. You should be aware there are many types of CCTV systems available on the market; these range from cheap cctv systems for basic monitoring, best value security camera systems for some form of identification and to high resolution security systems that lead to identification and prosecution.

A good security camera system will offer best value for money without compromise on the quality. There are many products available on the market which makes it very difficult to identify what products are suitable for your requirement. Sometimes, it is equally difficult to identify areas that are vulnerable and a suitable cctv camera to target that area. Most people forget that a cctv camera system is a long term investment and they should discuss their requirements with a technical sales person before they make the purchase.

Understanding cctv terminology can also be daunting, see our FAQ section for more details.

Understanding your Security requirements

Main reasons for your requirement of cctv security cameras will reflect the type of system you need. Some of the reasons for needing a security system could be:

– Shop theft

– Shop or home break-ins

– Vandalism

– Industrial espionage

– Danger to individuals from attack.

– Health and safety of individuals on the premises or site.

– To replace or reduce manned guarding.

– To supplement manned guarding, making them more efficient.

– To monitor persons entering and leaving the premises.

– To provide visual confirmation of intruders activating an alarm.

– To monitor a remote, unattended site.

Reasons for a system could be endless, but for a particular site, there will finite reasons for considering CCTV. If they cannot be listed, you probably don-t need it.

What is the possible solution-

Once a problem is understood, the next step is to find how a solution can be achieved. The solution could be in many forms – it could be an intruder alarm system, some form of deterrent (lighting, fencing and gates), a cctv system or manned guarding. Your need will depend on the circumstances and requirements on any particular site, but it is important to at least make a list and consider all the possibilities. Some options maybe impracticable and others maybe too expensive but you should finish up with a short list of possibilities. Quite often, the solution will point to a cctv system as this will be cheaper and more affordable.

Decided that you need CCTV Systems-

Before selecting the type of cctv system that will fulfill your requirements, you should consider; the type of cctv cameras you need, how you will monitor the system, will you require network access (remote internet access) and cabling.

Type of cctv cameras you need:-

Colour cameras generally require a higher level of lighting than their Black & White counterparts do. Colour cameras give the advantage of being able to easily distinguish and detect objects simply by their colours where Black & White cameras offer better resolution in low light conditions.

– Covert cameras. These cameras are so small they cannot be easily seen or are disguised as a different device (such as smoke detector, PIR etc).

– Day/Night cameras. These cameras switch from colour to black and white depending on lighting levels. They are ideal for variable lighting conditions.

– Night Vision cameras. These cameras have their own light source in a light spectrum that can’t be seen by the naked eye.

– Outdoor cameras. These cameras have hardened, waterproof outer bodies.

– Speed Dome cameras (Pan, Tilt, Zoom). These cameras allow for remote control of what the camera is pointed at and what it is focused on.

– Vandal Proof cameras. These cameras come in hardened cases that can resist physical abuse.

How you will monitor the cctv system-

– Main Output- Most CCTV DVRs have composite video output which can be viewed on standard TV Monitors (like AV input or SCART input)

– Spot out / Call output- This output is also composite Video which can be used to monitor cctv cameras in full screen mode in sequence.

– VGA output- this output is standard output used on PCs. Any VGA TFT LCD monitor can be used.

Network Access / Remote Access- CCTV DVR Access over the internet (broadband)

– Internet Access- Most CCTV DVRs now days have remote access via the internet

– Simplex- DVR can only perform either record or play back but cannot perform both simultaneously.

– Duplex- DVR can only perform two things simultaneously (record, play back or remote viwing but not all three simultaneously).

– Triplex- DVR will perform all three things simultaneously (record, play back and remote playback)

– Pentaplex – cctv DVR can carry record, playback, remote access, remote playback.

What type of cctv cables are there-

– Pre-made leads- these are pre-fabricated leads with BNC and power connectors already terminated on the cable. Very simple to install, no real skill required. These leads are design to carry low voltage (12V DC) upto a distance of around 35m. Distance greater than 35m will cause picture corruption with the camera.

– Local AC power – where the distance is greater than 35m, if cameras are powered locally, you can cover much greater distances. For distances upto 100m, RG59 coaxial cable could be used.

– Combined Coaxial cable with power- RG59 coaxial cable but 2 core power cable attached (like a Shotgun).

– CAT5E- Longer distances can be covered CAT5E in-conjunction with passive transceivers.

Selecting the most suitable cctv system is a compromise between the quality, area you want to cover and the overall budget. It is advisable that you have in-depth discussion with the technical sales person before you select the security cameras or the diy cctv system you need. A good technical person will try to understand your need, explain the difference between the various cctv cameras before any recommendation.

Source by Alan Hayden

High Definition CCTV Cameras

High-definition CCTV cameras

As a CCTV installer, you always want to buy the best value cameras on the market. The current trends in video products have influenced our customers’ perception about security cameras. Large TV manufacturers like Samsung, LG, Sony geared up the launch of 11K TV resolution, so it is not a surprise that the CCTV market is also under pressure from consumers, who are demanding higher definition.

Analogue CCTV cameras have faded away from the market. In fact, I had a lot of difficulties in finding an analogue CCTV camera for one of my customers. We are left with two options, IP and high definition.

IP cameras like AXIS come with fantastic resolution. But, the expertise required to install them and the price sometimes doesn’t suit our clients’ budget. If you are upgrading an existing analogue system, you may have to rewire the whole place with CAT5 or CAT6. And this is an expensive option. So, what are the other options?

Analog high-definition CCTV cameras

In recent days, the demand for analog high definition has gone over the top. Many manufacturers have started manufacturing analog high definition CCTV cameras.

This article compares some of the analog high definition technologies available to us.

HD-SDI (High definition – serial digital interface)

The very first to start high definition in analog is HD-SDI. HD-SDI is capable of producing full HD or 1080p resolution. However, the high price and compatibility of them have pushed them to the last place.

HD-SDI was used in the early days of camcorders. The only reason they were not introduced in CCTV cameras is due to the fact that they were very expensive.

HD-CVI (High definition composite video interface)

HD-CVI or high definition composite video interface is the latest addition to the HD CCTV system. This technology is developed by Dahua. HD-CVI technology is capable of transmitting video signal via coaxial cable to a maximum of 500 meters. This is a big advantage compared with previous generation analog cameras. HD-CVI also makes it easy to transmit audio, video, and data with one single coax cable. HD-CVI has zero latency and this is another clear advantage compared with IP technology.

HD-TVI (High definition transport video interface)

HD-TVI was introduced in 2014. This is a DSP-TVI technology developed by an American company called Techpoint. HD-TVI chipset is used by Intersil, Hikvision, HanBang and much more.

When twisted cables are used, TVI clearly gives an advantage in running them for longer distances.

AHD (Analogue high definition)

AHD technology is developed by NextChip Korea. AHD supports 720p and 1080p video resolutions. AHD technology also has pros and cons, AHD chipsets are generally the cheapest among HD chipsets, hence the final product cost is slightly cheaper than HD-TVI or HD-CVI.

AHD cameras can transmit video signals through RG59 and RG6, hence it can transmit signal up to 500m without losing strength. It also supports audio over coaxial.

IP cameras

As far as IP cameras are concerned there is no cap on the maximum video resolution that you can get. Axis is one of the leading manufacturers of IP CCTV cameras and their AXIS Q3617-VE is capable of producing 6MP (3072×2048).

IP cameras have become easier to install and maintain, but it still requires a fundamental understanding of networking. In most cases, this is a challenge for installers.

What is the best option for me?

The verdict is, it all depends on your project requirement. If your customer is more concerned about video resolution, and if they are looking to use a video management system, IP cameras may be appealing to them. If most of your customers are small and medium size businesses, it may be good to look at analogue higher definition. And if you are planning for a long cable run, AHD is a good option. All analogue high definition cameras are very similar apart from HD-SDI, therefore it may be a good idea to check after sales support from your distributor as well.

Source by Ferdinand R Joseph

CCTV Cameras Are More Than Useful

Do you live in a safe locality? Have you ever thought about the threats and dangers while staying alone in a house? Do you feel frightened while staying alone? If yes, it is high time to think about safety measures and self defense techniques and devices. Your house may be protected or even located near the police station, but threats and menaces can peep in at any point of time. They are inevitable and uninvited guests. They do not give you a second chance to recover yourself.

It is very unfortunate that people rise from their deep slumbers when the crisis is right in front of them. It is then they make strategies and plans in order to encounter with the problem. Just think for a minute that had you made these plans earlier you wouldn’t have to face such a situation. Why not do something to curb the incidents like theft, robbery and terrorism? Why to depend on police and security agencies. With the sudden increase in such incidents people have become very conscious. But these incidents take place from time to time in order to terrorize them. Not everyone can be allowed keep guns and pistols because a license is required for it. But there is another alternative which is hassle free and also very trusted. The device is called Close Circuit Television Camera which is very popular these days. These Cameras can be installed very easily and the cost of installation is also very low. You might find cameras installed especially at public places. This is extremely necessary to install them at these places because it can keep a vigil on the activities of various people at one single time. If the security personals are deployed they cannot keep an eye on so many people. Moreover, you need them in large numbers to cover a large area. The CCTV Camera does its work very smartly and secretly. A large area has many small CCTV cameras. They are connected to the surveillance room where output of all the cameras can be viewed on one single monitor. If the camera catches any suspicious activity of a person, it can thereby inform the security personals who view their output. Thus the police can take timely action against the person and threat can be avoided.

The cameras are easily available in the market depending on their resolution, size and price. Obviously a camera with a higher resolution is more expensive. You can choose them in accordance with your requirements. Remember CCTV cameras play a vital role in your protection. It is always suggestible to make necessary preparations beforehand than to land yourself in trouble. The CCTV camera has become the vitality of the day. It is the most trusted device in places where manpower cannot be employed. It helps to collect the evidence from the spot of the incident and investigation of criminal cases.

Source by Saymon Scott

9 Points to Consider Before Buying Home Appliances

The story

As soon as Mrs. X and her husband stepped inside the flagship electronic store they went straightaway to the home appliances section. Having lived up with the idiosyncrasy of their old mixer-grinder for some months they were looking forward to replace it with a new food processor. They both had spent considerable time thinking over it. Mrs. X, being an accomplished homemaker and an excellent cook knew exactly what she wanted. On the other hand, Mr. X, who was tech savvy, was looking at the mechanical aspects.

At the store the eager sales person showed them the entire range including the one, which, according to him was their latest model.

“The food processor looked beautiful,” Mrs. X thought, hardly able to contain her excitement.

“Unlike others it did not use belt drive,” Mr. X noticed, a glint filling his eyes. The company had not only priced it competitively but, what was most important, had features and functions Mrs. X wanted.

But they had one doubt lurking in their mind. After sales service was an unknown territory. Taking solace from the fact that the company had a reputation they decided to overlook another fact that it had entered the home appliances business only recently.

“Things hardly go wrong these days,” the technological man murmured justifying their choice. “After all their old mixer-grinder was still holding up after serving them for more than a decade, and except for some minor repairs carried out easily at their neighbourhood shop, had stood by them in good stead.” Whispered Mrs. to the man, keeping her voice low so that other shoppers do not overhear them. Brushing aside their reservations they went ahead and bought it.

Their fears come true

One month after the warranty had lapsed the motor refused to turn on. Taking it to the electrician, who had been helping them fix their old mixer-grinder, they were in for a shock.

“The spare part of this particular model is not available locally. The company has made use of a new design even for the basic parts.” The mechanic informed. “Perhaps a policy to make customers visit their service centres even for mundane repairs when the product was out of warranty.” He added as an afterthought.

Left with no option Mr. X carried it to the authorized service centre, where the courteous staff after checking the appliance informed him that the part, which needed replacement, was not in stock and it would take 7-10 days to reach them.

A week later they get a call that their food processor was ready. Having paid the bill, which expectedly was on the higher side, they brought it home. But their happiness was short-lived.

Back to square one

5-6 months later the motor again stopped working. About a month later it still waits at home biding the time when any one of the two would be free to take it to the service centre. Meanwhile Mrs. and Mr. X have bought another basic mixer-grinder after doubly ensuring from the local seller that it confirms to the universal design, that its parts are easily available and that it can be repaired at any shop.

We sincerely wish that you do not suffer like Mrs. and Mr. X and therefore, before you buy a home appliance ask yourself these questions:

  1. How popular is the particular model (higher the popularity easier it is to source spare parts)
  2. Service terms and conditions (whether it is on-site or you will have to carry it to the service centre)
  3. Sales persons in their zeal to clinch the deal often make big commitments (try to verify their claims)
  4. In case of on-site warranty confirm service charges, cartage, turnaround time, etc.
  5. Distance of service centre from your home/office
  6. The tentative time they take for routine repairs
  7. Try to ascertain the availability of spares
  8. User experiences and references (if possible talk to your local technician on the practicality of buying a particular brand or model)
  9. Whether it can be easily repaired at your neighbourhood after the lapse of warranty

Keeping these points in mind it will no doubt lead to many years of fond association with your home appliance. Nothing can be more relaxing than the satisfaction of money well spent.

(Names changed to protect the privacy)

Source by Anand Jha

Things A Security Guard Can Do When They Get Bored

Working as a security guard often means standing for long periods of time or keeping watch in a call center during an all-night graveyard shift. The seemingly endless stretches of uneventful or off-hours downtime can eventually become monotonous, causing boredom or fatigue to set in. Because the main duty of security personnel is to protect and monitor people or property, they must be careful not to engage in any activity or pastime that could interfere or distract from this position. There are, however, some useful and functional things a security guard can do to liven up a dull shift.

Keep it Moving: Moving around, getting the blood flowing and keeping one’s energy up is key to remaining alert, both physically and mentally. Walking back and forth in their designated area is always an option, though often times this can mean only a matter of a few feet and if a guard is employed at a store, business or public venue, it is likely that part of their day will include “making the rounds,” which may mean a strategic walk-through of the area they are patrolling. This common procedure usually occurs at specific times over the course of a shift. Ask your supervisor to increase your number of rounds or expand your checkpoints to include new territory. Even just adding another regulatory stroll to the ho-hum hours of the afternoon will infuse a little variety into the workday.

Make A Muscle: Almost all security and bodyguards are required to be physically fit and maintain a formidable form; Though the degree of physical manpower varies depending on their experience and the needs of their employers, most professionals in this occupation practice continued fitness and make their workout routine a priority. Downtime on a job is a perfect opportunity to rejuvenate yourself in mind and body by doing a set of push-ups, jumping ripe, stretching, or even using the wall for resistance-style exercises.

Listen and Learn: Security guards need to hear what’s going on around them, so headphones or loud music is a no-no, but for desk guards and call center workers, a small radio or MP3 player on low volume may provide just the right amount of stimulation to maintain a focused, invested mindset. If it is allowed, an MP3 player or low-key listening device in one ear can provide mild entertainment while still keeping the focus on the job at hand.

Depending on the situation, one or more of the above activities may or may not be suitable for certain situations. It is a good idea for guards to inquire about company protocol before engaging in any pastime that is not part of their primary position.

Source by Z Kator

How CCTV Security Can Help You

CCTV stands for Central Circuit Television which is a network of tiny cameras that are installed at particular points to offer the best view of the entire property as you can’t be at all the places at one time. This development in the field of home and business security systems has been very advantageous as it helps keep a check on employee activity, deter intruders etc.

CCTVs are installed today in almost all commercial ventures; from military operations to convenience stores, hospitals to schools and universities. It is an important security measure that can help detect problems immediately as the signal from the camera is transmitted directly to a central console which is usually manned by security guards.

Let’s take a look at why CCTVs are advantageous:

Employee and Consumer Theft:

Knowing that there is a camera installed in every room, it deters the employees from pilferage and also keeps a check that they are all working during their work time. There are many consumers too who try to steal a thing or two and as you can’t physically check the whole store, the camera allows you to keep an eye.

Burglary, Vandalism and Violence:

Burglars think twice about attacking a store that has CCTV as they know they will be detected within seconds and also the establishment will have proof against them. This also deters vandalism and violence and no one on purpose will do these acts on tape.

Employee Productivity:

Haven’t you noticed that employees tend to work more when they think they are being watched? Well it is true and it is great way to keep an eye on all of your employees and also make sure that security is not compromised on in any room, may it even be the storeroom.

False Worker’s and Accident Claim:

The safety and health of the employee is the responsibility of the employer and thus many times the workers take undue advantage of this service and claim false dues. This can be avoided if the work area is regulated and carefully observed with CCTVs. The tapes can be used as evidence against the false claims.

Recognising Potentially Hazardous Areas:

Video surveillance can help employers recognise potentially hazardous areas that were earlier unnoticed and have led to accident claims now. By identifying these areas on tape the employers can take preventative measures.

Traffic Patterns and Avoiding Bottlenecks:

This is especially advantageous for businesses in the service industry or the hospitals, etc that are high traffic areas. Observing the traffic on the CCTV can help the management to recognise high traffic areas and so something about it to avoid bottlenecks. This is something that needs to be avoided as bottlenecks result in precious time being lost which can cause irritation amongst the crowds.

Work Efficiency:

CCTV can help the management plan and schedule the work time table and decide how much man power is needed at particular times by observing the CCTV as it lets you know the times when the largest amount of crowd comes in. this also helps you identify weaker areas that need special promotions and incentives to boost sales.

A well planned CCTV Security system in your business can help save thousands of dollars not only in security but also as shown in the article above.

Source by Richard K Paul

Security Check-List When Booking Budget Accommodation

So, you’ve planned your big career move to a new country and are excited about it. But, how are you going to manage to move to a foreign land, rent accommodation, make new friends, and be successful at your job?

Well.. I aim that through this article you will have your accommodation worries covered, and the rest you will figure out when you arrive in this awesome, vibrant cosmopolitan city.

Security should be a top priority – especially for foreigners visiting a new country

The key to finding a safe and convenient place to stay is to follow a simple step by step approach and ensure you check off the essentials security must haves, and book your accommodation only after the B & B, Guest House or Service Apartment meets those requirements. In order to do this, I have formulated a simple security-check-list which will help you with your choice.

Check-list before booking your apartment

• First and foremost – Check the Organic search rankings, especially local search terms:

When searching for accommodation, look at searching on a few matching keywords and look out for the properties that have good presence on the first few pages for the keywords that you are interested in (good organic search rankings show that the company is a trusted one), make sure you know the difference between paid ads and organic listings (paid ads usually start at the top of a search page and are bunched together and are a different colour from the organic results)

• Quality and relevance of the Hotel’s Website:

A well structured good website is a positive sign, as it shows that there is an active effort from the company, whereas a shabby or outdated one shows that the company is not very professional and this is likely to reflect in their Hotel or Service Apartments as well. Look for the freshness of content, up to date and relevant content is usually reflective of the establishment.

• Play close attention to traveller reviews:

After short listing a few properties, search for them on various travel portals and you should be able to locate reviews for each property. Trusted sites such as Booking.com and Tripadvisor etc are very careful about review veracity and can provide candid information through their user’s experiences.

Tip – Look at the management responses to their reviews, especially the negative ones. A respectful and objective response is a good sign of a professional management and one that pays attention to the needs of their guests

• Ensure the legitimacy of the establishment

Awards and Certifications from Travel/local tourism bodies are also very important, due to the vast number of new Service Apartments and Guest Houses coming up,it becomes very important to identify the legitimate ones.

• Must have Physical and Electronic safety features in your Apartment:

– The property must have 24/7 CCTV cameras connected to a central network -this feature ensures that the management/ owner has an eye on the proceedings and also acts as a deterrent against any wrong doing

– Round the clock Security guards should be present on the property- preferably English speaking and from a certified security agency

– The property must have an electronic safe where you can store your valuables

– The hotel must have a concierge to assist you with your requirements, further the phone number of the owner or manager should be available as well

– If you are using a taxi ensure that it is GPS enabled and the driver is registered with the hotel

Even if you are using a real estate agent to help you in your search, ensure that he follows the above guidelines as well. I am sure that these tips should enable you to find a safe, hospitable place to stay at, the next time you visit a foreign country.

Source by Shaurya Singh

Secret To Selecting The Best Commercial Security Services

Safety and security are the most important things be it in home, school, business or work place. Studies show that majority of frauds and thefts in businesses have been possible due to lack of a proper security system. Be it a bank, a locker house or any other business institution, robbery and money laundering has happened in the absence of a fool proof security service. It is essential to select the services of a security system with intelligence and research for the safety of your business.

Simply installing alarms and locks cannot prevent frauds. You must find a security firm that checks the background and foreground of the employees, and also takes steps to identify attempts to illegal activities. The security services should be hands on in forewarning the authorities the moment they identify a mole in the institution or a snap in the security system.

The following tips are useful while selecting the services of a security firm.

• Research about the security firm whose services you want to hire for the safety of your company. Your research should tell you the security services that this firm offers. You must have a fair idea about the security systems that they will install in your office premises and also about the backend activities that will ensure your safety.

• Look closely at the annual turnover of the security firm. A big turnover is suggestive of its efficiency and popularity. If a firm has a substantial turnover it means various firms have availed of its services. Also check to see the clientele of the security services. This will give you an idea about the precision and the professionalism of the firm.

Go through the crew members of the security services. A good security firm should have quite a few names from the law enforcement department and also from the military.

• Well known security systems offer demonstrations of the services they offer. Attend these demonstrations with attention and try to understand if they suit what you are looking for.

Interview the personnel with specific questions. If you have a particular service in mind that these firms are not mentioning, ask them. For example, if you want them to run a thorough search of the backgrounds of all your employees, tell them what you are looking for. At times, people work under cover and they take every protection possible to maintain cover. You must specify how thoroughly you want your employees records to be checked.

• Check the licenses of the security services. Contact the bureau that is responsible for maintaining the licensing records for such firms. This will give you genuine information and also save you time and effort while reviewing the firms.

Ask about security cameras and their positions so that the workspace is left without blind spots. You might also consider placing cameras where people are unable to see them to enable you to detect unusual action when their guards are down. Install surveillance in the most sensitive spots so that no suspicious action gets unnoticed. Following these points can help you to find an effective security service.

Source by Anamika Swami