The Children’s Hour and Your CCTV Camera – Red Flags

What to Watch Out For

These days you never know what can happen to your kids when you are away at work or on a business trip. So it pays to be better informed and alert to some suspicious changes in the home or the behavior of a child. Thus, it is not enough that your CCTV camera just captures the daily rituals of sleeping, eating, and playing. You should be on guard for child abuse or neglect.

Caregivers are wiser now with home surveillance recording their every move. They simply stay away from the reach of an inquisitive CCTV camera, so that leaves you guessing about the nanny and if the children are all right.

In most cases, parents place their hidden cameras in the most obvious places, the bedroom and living room. Adding a CCTV camera in the basement, closets, and the garage provides you more home surveillance to aid in monitoring activities in all parts of the house. You never know what might happen in dark nooks and crannies when you are away from home.

Signs to Watch Out For

Do not be smug because you have hidden cameras in the child’s bedroom or playroom; you should have a CCTV camera in the garage, kitchen, basement, front door, and all exits. If possible, a spy camera directed at the family TV should be mounted accurately to monitor what the nanny or relative is watching with the kids.

Some of the warning signs of child abuse may go on unnoticed if you are not aware of the signs. At the very first sign, rush back home and do a thorough investigation and save the child from further physical and verbal abuse or neglect.

* Is the nanny or caregiver always out of camera range except for the regular rituals?

* Are the kids sloppily dressed or dirty?

* Is the child is uncomfortable when the caregiver is near him or her?

* Are the kids unusually silent when in the company of the caregiver even if you are not around?

* Are the kids foraging the fridge when the nanny or caregiver is asleep?

* Are they hysterical about undressing before others?

Optimizing CCTV Cameras for Your Child’s Protection

Your CCTV camera has evolved since last invented. These are similar to the exposed surveillance cameras used in banks and malls. Once set up and hooked to your CCTV. The camera starts capturing video images that are instantly seen on your PC or TV screen or your hand-held CCTV.

To get the best results from your CCTV camera, choose both wired and wireless models. The wireless types of CCTV cameras can be placed in the most unlikely places but be sure that these can pan, tilt, and zoom, and have night vision for dark areas in the house.

Think like the bad guy who is CCTV camera shy when you install your hidden camera. The camera’s view should not be obstructed by furniture, appliance, and other household items and always check that things are arranged the way you want it to have a good view of everything on the computer or TV screen.

Source by Nahshon Roberts